Monday, March 15, 2010

The story of Jayden's 1st haircut!

On Thursday March 11th, i decided to finally get Jayden's haircut!

I came to this decision a week or so before and i was set on getting it done as soon as i had Dustin's consent.
Sadly, Dust was VERY against the idea. He wanted his hair to grow out the be the length of Kate Hudson's son Ryder's hair!!!
Ryder Hudson

So for a week i put Jayden's hair to the side with a bobby pin, but when the bobby pin kept sliding out i ended up puting the front of his hair in a pony tail so it would stay out of his eyes!!!
I decided enough was enough and that i was tired of having people coming up to me to let me know that i have an adorable little GIRL!!!!! and i couldnt argue the fact that it was my son they were talking about because indeed he did look like a girl with the pony tail on the top of his head.

(hair with pony tail)
(Hair with bobby pin)

It was time to cut his hair without Dustin's permission! I knew he would be mad, but i asked my friend Jourdan to buzz Jayden's head.
I waited till Dust was at school, and went over to Jourdan's. She only had #2 and #4 clipper's so #4 it was.
As soon as she turned on the buzzer, my emotions kicked in. Was i really going to cut my son's gorgeous long, blonde, curly locks!?! I felt sadness, my eyes started to water... this was it!
I gave JoJo the go ahead, and she started to clip away my baby's hair. He cried the WHOLE time!
The noise of the clipper's really scared him (he's even scared by the noise of the electric egg beater, so i wasnt surprised)

When it was all over, i looked on the floor. There was so much hair, just laying there, no longer lifeless on his head. I grabbed a little sandwich bag to collect the remains.

It was now time to tell Dustin what i had done. I took a picture of Jayden and sent it to Dust's phone. Not a minute later i recieved a text. "You didn't!" it read. I could tell my hubby wasnt impressed. "I did" was my reply. "Oh...... My...." he responded. I again explained how i felt so bad that Jayden couldnt see properly because of the length of his hair. It was always in his eyes, and it was unfair to him because he doesnt know how to sweep it out of eyes.

Dust of course calmed down, and came home as soon as school was finished. When he saw Jayden's haircut for the first time he was still a little sad but admitted to liking it :)

It was a big step for me to get his haircut, i knew Jayden would no longer be my baby. He is now my 17 month old little MAN!!! He looks so much older, and it seems like he has a new attitude that came with his new hair.

Isn't he the cutest!!! <3


  1. Aw! He is so cute! His hair cut looks great. He's suck a handsome little man. Now people won't think he's a girl :-)

  2. Oh my goodness! He looks so cute!