Thursday, November 25, 2010


Four Shows I watch:
1. Grey's anatomy
3.Ghost Whisperer
4.Private Practice

Four Things I'm Passionate About:
1. My Husband ;)
2. My Son
3. My Friends
4. Food!

Four Phrases I Say A Lot:
1."Oh my Gosh"
2."No Way"
4."What the Freak"

Four Things I've Learned from the Past:
1. Never take things for granted
2. It could always be worse
3. You cant live a positive life with a negative mind!
4. Your family is all you need :)

Four Places I Would Like to Go:
1. Holland
2.Australia (I want to go back)
3. Caribbean Cruise
4. Paris

Four Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Watched Cars with Jayden
2. Made 10lbs of mashed potato's and gravy for Dust's work Pot luck
3. Had Hot chocolate at "The Chocolate"
4. Got a Brazilian wax (OUCH)!!!

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1. Thanksgiving!!!
2. Dustin finishing school! 
3. Extending our lil fam
4. Spending Eternity with my little family

Four Things I Love About Winter:
1. The Holiday's- Thanksgiving, Dust's B'day, Christmas, New Years!
2. Snow on the mountains
3. Snuggle in our warm cozy home!
4. Christmas Music

Four Things on My Wish List:
1. Trip to Holland or Australia
2. New clothes!
3. All of the Harry Potter Movies
4. Make up

Four People I Tag:
2. Ailinh
3. Stace
4. Chantel

Have an Awesome Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I heart Disney!

Just wanted to share a freakin awesome find!

Well, hubby and i received i flyer to join the "Disney Movie Club". It was promoting 5 Disney movies for $1.99 EACH! Brand spanking NEW! I thought it was some kind of scam, so i went into the Disney Store at the mall to ask if the flyer was legit!
Sure enough, its LEGIT!

So Dust and I picked our 5 movies, and decided to order it online. We then found out that when we ordered online we would get the 5 movies for a total of $1! That's .20c EACH people!

Then, If we wanted we could buy a 6th movie for $11.95 AND a 7th movie for $8.95!
So in total... that's 7 movies for a grand total of $21.90!!!

There are no monthly fee's or charges to join, the only thing is that you have to buy 4 movies over the next 2 years (which if you buy your 7th movie for $8.95 it goes towards 1 of the 4 movies, so you really have 3 to buy over the next 2 years). And every month or so you receive a their movie of the month flyer, and if you don't respond they will send the movie to you (which you will have to pay for). So all we are going to do is keep "declining" via phone, Internet or mail, unless we find a couple we want to buy.

Pretty dang good deal!

We received our 7 movies in the mail yesterday. We choose:
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
Monsters Inc.
Oliver & Company
The Sword and the Stone

The final Price was really $21.90 and the shipping was FREE!

There are not only kids movies, but a huge variety of adult movies like, Pirates in the Caribbean, and more!

If anyone is interested, we can refer 1 to friend join at the same price for the movies we did. (other wise the first 5 movies are $1.99 each) and then we get a FREE movie for the referral!!!

So let me know if this is for you!!!!
I'm so glad we joined :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Blogging 2 days in a row!!! (gives herself a pat on the back)

So, the motive behind this post is that I'm hoping someone will read this and help me out!!

I'm in need of some party idea's for Jayden 2nd birthday, which is coming up in 2 WEEKS!
What can i do for a theme? Food? Cake???
Where should i have it???


Anyone out there with idea's???

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Might as well...

Now that we finally have a fixed laptop AND a working Internet connection (well, most the time anyways)... i thought id might as well continue with our blog.

Alot has happened in the last 6 or so months! so i might as well catch y'all up with the Shorter's.

Lets see, the event that has most stood out over these last few months has definitely been Our Temple Sealing!!
Dust, Jayden and i were (finally) sealed for time and all eternity this last August on our 3rd wedding anniversary. It was the most awesome experience. We had family and friends come to support us, My dad and his wife even flew in from Holland to be there :)
The Salt Lake Temple is so beautiful, and we were so grateful to have finally made it!

                                           Jayden's adorable!

Something else that has been a blessing in disguise was hitting a deer, which totalled our car. After the stress with insurance, and much searching for a new car... we ended up buying both myself AND Dustin cars!
We got a FREAKING SWEET deal!! 2010 Hyundai Sonata (for me) and a '98 Mitsubishi Eclipse for the hubby. We've been a one car family since April when Dust' car was stolen. So its so nice to finally have 2 cars again :)

Jayden is becoming more and more mischievous. He's talking alot more, which i find so much fun just sitting there listening to what he comes up with! I cant believe he'll be 2 in a matter of weeks!!
So I'm trying to plan his birthday party. Not quite sure what we'll be doing yet, but ill think of something :)

Well that's my attempt of blogging for today. Hopefully i can continue with frequent posts... but no promises!

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Mckenzie Pead Fundraiser Car Wash!

Last week, my 4 year old niece Mckenzie Pead suffered a tragic severe injury by blunt force trauma to the head after being kicked by a horse at her Grandpa's ranch in Wyoming.
She was life-flighted to the outstanding men and women of Primary Children's Medical Facility in Salt Lake City, UT. She was put in a medical coma and had little chance of survival. The doctors were able to remove the crushed skull and allow the brain to swell safely.
Since the accident, they allowed her to wake up to see her reactions. She tried to cry and her heart-rate would start to rise until her mother or my mother-in-law (her grandma) would talk to her, she would then clinch their hands and her heartrate and blood pressure would drop as they spoke to her.
She has been put back under the medical coma so she can heal, and we are all praying for her recovery. Her left ear drum has been damaged, and she will have to learn how to walk and talk again, but she is very strong and will pull through.

If you could please come by and make a donation to our family for Mckenzie at our Car Wash Fundraiser. I know you people need your cars washed, and this would make a huge difference in our families life. Hope to see you all there, please spread the word to everyone in Utah that you can!

Date: This Saturday, May 22, 2010!!

Time: 8am - 3pm

Location: Brent Brown Orem Auto & Collision Right across from the Scera Theater and pool

690 South State St.

Orem, Ut 84057

Don't forget to send your friends to get their cars washed too!!


Sponsered by Brent Brown Automotive Group, Taco Amigo, and local band "SOBER DOWN"!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The story of Jayden's 1st haircut!

On Thursday March 11th, i decided to finally get Jayden's haircut!

I came to this decision a week or so before and i was set on getting it done as soon as i had Dustin's consent.
Sadly, Dust was VERY against the idea. He wanted his hair to grow out the be the length of Kate Hudson's son Ryder's hair!!!
Ryder Hudson

So for a week i put Jayden's hair to the side with a bobby pin, but when the bobby pin kept sliding out i ended up puting the front of his hair in a pony tail so it would stay out of his eyes!!!
I decided enough was enough and that i was tired of having people coming up to me to let me know that i have an adorable little GIRL!!!!! and i couldnt argue the fact that it was my son they were talking about because indeed he did look like a girl with the pony tail on the top of his head.

(hair with pony tail)
(Hair with bobby pin)

It was time to cut his hair without Dustin's permission! I knew he would be mad, but i asked my friend Jourdan to buzz Jayden's head.
I waited till Dust was at school, and went over to Jourdan's. She only had #2 and #4 clipper's so #4 it was.
As soon as she turned on the buzzer, my emotions kicked in. Was i really going to cut my son's gorgeous long, blonde, curly locks!?! I felt sadness, my eyes started to water... this was it!
I gave JoJo the go ahead, and she started to clip away my baby's hair. He cried the WHOLE time!
The noise of the clipper's really scared him (he's even scared by the noise of the electric egg beater, so i wasnt surprised)

When it was all over, i looked on the floor. There was so much hair, just laying there, no longer lifeless on his head. I grabbed a little sandwich bag to collect the remains.

It was now time to tell Dustin what i had done. I took a picture of Jayden and sent it to Dust's phone. Not a minute later i recieved a text. "You didn't!" it read. I could tell my hubby wasnt impressed. "I did" was my reply. "Oh...... My...." he responded. I again explained how i felt so bad that Jayden couldnt see properly because of the length of his hair. It was always in his eyes, and it was unfair to him because he doesnt know how to sweep it out of eyes.

Dust of course calmed down, and came home as soon as school was finished. When he saw Jayden's haircut for the first time he was still a little sad but admitted to liking it :)

It was a big step for me to get his haircut, i knew Jayden would no longer be my baby. He is now my 17 month old little MAN!!! He looks so much older, and it seems like he has a new attitude that came with his new hair.

Isn't he the cutest!!! <3

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rant rant rant... phew

So much for my promise to post at least once a week! (one month later)

The past couple of weeks have been extremely hectic. Between cooking, cleaning, watching 4 kids, Australian family drama and trying to spend time with Dustin when he's not at school, work and doing homework... I barely have time to catch my breath!

Why cant life be just a little easier?
Its hard being a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a friend all at once.

I can not remember the last time i just 'hung out' with friends, had a girls night, or just had a day for myself!

I guess ya just have to have a little cry when life gets hard, and continue on. Right?!

I am blessed to have a great support system though. When times get tough, Dustin is there for me no matter what! He is a pretty dang good husband and an amazing father to Jayden :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Awesome News for the Shorter Fam Bam!!

Well, we have some pretty exciting news!!!! If you havn't already heard

We have set the date to be sealed in the Temple :)
I was discouraged to learn that a majority of Temples are closed on Monday's, which is the day our Wedding Anniversary falls on this year, and thought we might have to change the date. So i did some research and made a few calls to find that the Salt Lake AND Provo Temple's are the only one's open on Mondays but only from 8am-11am.
So we decided on the Salt Lake Temple at 10:00am on Monday, August 16th! We are excited to share this day with our close family and friends, and we know they are excited for us :)

I cannot even express the joy i feel, knowing that what we are doing is the right thing for us! Stresses of the "What if somthing happened to one of us" questions in the back of my mind will disappear in less than 6 months because we will be forever!!! 

Can you tell that im excited!!!!!?

Well, i just thought id share

Bye for now oxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Blog--- Allow me to introduce myself

A little bit about myself... My name is Katrina Shorter, I was born in Australia, lived in New Zealand and now call home Utah in the good ol United States!

I married my best friend, Dustin, on Aug 16th 2007.
We have a son, Jayden Rickie, born Oct 1st 2008. My family are the world to me and i couldnt live with out them!

I am a stay at home mum, but watch a couple of kids during the week to keep Jayden and I busy.

I am so happy with my life and the people in it!

I will try to blog at least once a week and i hope you enjoy getting to know me as you read :)