Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updates :)

Yes, i have again failed at blogging! It's been months, so i guess it's update time!

Let's see....

Dustin is almost done with his first semester at school. He's now at Eagle Gate College studying for his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice! It's been kinda tough so far, with the school being in Salt Lake and the stupid construction on the freeway. Which makes it a 40 min drive there, and then 40 back.
He's learning so much, and is enjoying it too, which is good! He should graduate this time next year, if all continues to go well :)

I have the next 3 weeks off from my job (watching kids), so Jayden and i get to spend alot of quality time together!! We are enjoying Summer with bowling (which he is quite good at), and trips to the park :)

Oh, and we are 12 weeks PREGNANT! I got knocked up not even 2 months of trying, and we are all super excited for the new addition! Due January 15th, 2012!
Im just waiting for the morning sickness part to be over! Sunday is the start of the 2nd Trimester, so hoping for no more nausea and for the ability to keep food down!

Our 4th Anniversary is coming up next month!
I cant believe how quickly these past 4 years have gone by.
So much has happened, and we've been blessed in so many ways.

Excited for the future, but enjoying the here and now!!

Love Trina

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life back to normal... for now!

Dustin is finished with his Associate's Degree! Well he's actually been done for a month now lol
So life has gone back to normal. 
For now, of course.

We've had kinda a crazy last couple of weeks.
We seriously looked into the army for Dust, had our minds set on it.
Then we decided that we want to start trying for baby #2.
Which made the army plans go out the window.
Dust is looking for a job that relates to Law Enforcement.
Not very many jobs out there, so he decided that it's best to go back to school.
He'll most likely be starting for his Bachelor's Degree in May.
Exciting Stuff :)

But not as exciting as the possibility of getting pregnant in the next couple of months.

Alot of new changes this year.
And we cant wait for every minute of it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Fairytale!

Our Fairytale!

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a girl from New Zealand who was visiting her Aunt and Uncle in Utah. 
Her name was Princess Trina. 
She started kinda dating this guy, Sir Jeremy, and was having fun… until she met his best friend. His name was Prince Dustin, and they just hit it off from the get go! 
They liked the same music, same foods, had similar life experiences, and could relate to one another like you couldn’t believe. 
They spent the last two months of her vacation seeing each other every day and were inseparable! 

They eventually talked about marriage, and how that would be possible with her living 7500 miles away. Prince Dustin decided that she would just have to move to Utah, so he gave her a promise/engagement ring and she flew out a few days later.

They had to work super hard so she could fly back overseas, and of course save for a wedding. 
It was hard for them at first, because of the time difference. 
But they talked daily on the phone and could see each other on Msn Chat. It was difficult for them to be apart, but after a very LONG 4 months, they were re-united.

A beautiful wedding took place not long after that, and they became King Dustin and Queen Trina 
(with Sir Jeremy as best man). 
Then 15 months later they had a baby boy, Prince Jayden. 2 years after that, on their 3rd Wedding Anniversary they were sealed as a family for time and all Eternity and are living Happily Ever After!

The End!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I need to do better!

When it comes to keeping up with my blog... 
Two words "I FAIL"!

It's not like i'm crazy, super busy.
I am just lazy. I've never been much of a writer (And i hate to talk about myself)
It's so time consuming to me. 
I LOVE to read other people's blogs though, so i need to do better with mine!
So i guess I'll start with a little update.

Well, Dustin is *almost* finished with school.
His last day is Feb 15th, which means he only has 5 nights left!!!
Woo hooooo
And not only is he almost done with school, but he's almost done with his Internship too!
145 hours down, 35 to go! 
So, he'll probably be done with School and Internship on the same week!

I'm really excited to start spending time with him again.
His schedule for the past 3 and a half months have been work, school, & internship from 
5:30pm to 12:30pm and sleep from 1pm till 5pm.
Needless to say, I have been very husband deprived!!
But all that will change in 12 days :)
I will kick Jayden out of my bed, and into his own because Dust will be my sleeping buddy again.
(Weird fact, i cant sleep by myself anymore, so Jayden has been more than happy to share my bed while Dust's been working graveyards.)

Life will soon be back to normal.
Other news, Jayden is talking up a storm.
He really surprises me with little random comments.
For example, yesterday he told me while we were at Kohls,
"Momma, I stinky. Change my poop now!"
wha? Did he just really say that?
He's so cheeky!

He's also getting so big!
He fell asleep on the couch, and i picked him up and started to carry him to bed. 
I stopped as i was passing the mirror to see how long he was.
How did he go from 19inches long, to this big kid i can BARELY hold in my arms!?
I'd love for time to just freeze.
Next time i blink, he'll be in Kindergarten. High School. Getting married!

I guess that's all i have to report for now.
Till next time

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Four Shows I watch:
1. Grey's anatomy
3.Ghost Whisperer
4.Private Practice

Four Things I'm Passionate About:
1. My Husband ;)
2. My Son
3. My Friends
4. Food!

Four Phrases I Say A Lot:
1."Oh my Gosh"
2."No Way"
4."What the Freak"

Four Things I've Learned from the Past:
1. Never take things for granted
2. It could always be worse
3. You cant live a positive life with a negative mind!
4. Your family is all you need :)

Four Places I Would Like to Go:
1. Holland
2.Australia (I want to go back)
3. Caribbean Cruise
4. Paris

Four Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Watched Cars with Jayden
2. Made 10lbs of mashed potato's and gravy for Dust's work Pot luck
3. Had Hot chocolate at "The Chocolate"
4. Got a Brazilian wax (OUCH)!!!

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1. Thanksgiving!!!
2. Dustin finishing school! 
3. Extending our lil fam
4. Spending Eternity with my little family

Four Things I Love About Winter:
1. The Holiday's- Thanksgiving, Dust's B'day, Christmas, New Years!
2. Snow on the mountains
3. Snuggle in our warm cozy home!
4. Christmas Music

Four Things on My Wish List:
1. Trip to Holland or Australia
2. New clothes!
3. All of the Harry Potter Movies
4. Make up

Four People I Tag:
2. Ailinh
3. Stace
4. Chantel

Have an Awesome Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I heart Disney!

Just wanted to share a freakin awesome find!

Well, hubby and i received i flyer to join the "Disney Movie Club". It was promoting 5 Disney movies for $1.99 EACH! Brand spanking NEW! I thought it was some kind of scam, so i went into the Disney Store at the mall to ask if the flyer was legit!
Sure enough, its LEGIT!

So Dust and I picked our 5 movies, and decided to order it online. We then found out that when we ordered online we would get the 5 movies for a total of $1! That's .20c EACH people!

Then, If we wanted we could buy a 6th movie for $11.95 AND a 7th movie for $8.95!
So in total... that's 7 movies for a grand total of $21.90!!!

There are no monthly fee's or charges to join, the only thing is that you have to buy 4 movies over the next 2 years (which if you buy your 7th movie for $8.95 it goes towards 1 of the 4 movies, so you really have 3 to buy over the next 2 years). And every month or so you receive a their movie of the month flyer, and if you don't respond they will send the movie to you (which you will have to pay for). So all we are going to do is keep "declining" via phone, Internet or mail, unless we find a couple we want to buy.

Pretty dang good deal!

We received our 7 movies in the mail yesterday. We choose:
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
Monsters Inc.
Oliver & Company
The Sword and the Stone

The final Price was really $21.90 and the shipping was FREE!

There are not only kids movies, but a huge variety of adult movies like, Pirates in the Caribbean, and more!

If anyone is interested, we can refer 1 to friend join at the same price for the movies we did. (other wise the first 5 movies are $1.99 each) and then we get a FREE movie for the referral!!!

So let me know if this is for you!!!!
I'm so glad we joined :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Blogging 2 days in a row!!! (gives herself a pat on the back)

So, the motive behind this post is that I'm hoping someone will read this and help me out!!

I'm in need of some party idea's for Jayden 2nd birthday, which is coming up in 2 WEEKS!
What can i do for a theme? Food? Cake???
Where should i have it???


Anyone out there with idea's???