Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life back to normal... for now!

Dustin is finished with his Associate's Degree! Well he's actually been done for a month now lol
So life has gone back to normal. 
For now, of course.

We've had kinda a crazy last couple of weeks.
We seriously looked into the army for Dust, had our minds set on it.
Then we decided that we want to start trying for baby #2.
Which made the army plans go out the window.
Dust is looking for a job that relates to Law Enforcement.
Not very many jobs out there, so he decided that it's best to go back to school.
He'll most likely be starting for his Bachelor's Degree in May.
Exciting Stuff :)

But not as exciting as the possibility of getting pregnant in the next couple of months.

Alot of new changes this year.
And we cant wait for every minute of it!

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  1. so exciting Katrina!! so many people are having babies this year, I can't wait for ours to arrive lol