Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updates :)

Yes, i have again failed at blogging! It's been months, so i guess it's update time!

Let's see....

Dustin is almost done with his first semester at school. He's now at Eagle Gate College studying for his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice! It's been kinda tough so far, with the school being in Salt Lake and the stupid construction on the freeway. Which makes it a 40 min drive there, and then 40 back.
He's learning so much, and is enjoying it too, which is good! He should graduate this time next year, if all continues to go well :)

I have the next 3 weeks off from my job (watching kids), so Jayden and i get to spend alot of quality time together!! We are enjoying Summer with bowling (which he is quite good at), and trips to the park :)

Oh, and we are 12 weeks PREGNANT! I got knocked up not even 2 months of trying, and we are all super excited for the new addition! Due January 15th, 2012!
Im just waiting for the morning sickness part to be over! Sunday is the start of the 2nd Trimester, so hoping for no more nausea and for the ability to keep food down!

Our 4th Anniversary is coming up next month!
I cant believe how quickly these past 4 years have gone by.
So much has happened, and we've been blessed in so many ways.

Excited for the future, but enjoying the here and now!!

Love Trina

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