Thursday, September 23, 2010

I heart Disney!

Just wanted to share a freakin awesome find!

Well, hubby and i received i flyer to join the "Disney Movie Club". It was promoting 5 Disney movies for $1.99 EACH! Brand spanking NEW! I thought it was some kind of scam, so i went into the Disney Store at the mall to ask if the flyer was legit!
Sure enough, its LEGIT!

So Dust and I picked our 5 movies, and decided to order it online. We then found out that when we ordered online we would get the 5 movies for a total of $1! That's .20c EACH people!

Then, If we wanted we could buy a 6th movie for $11.95 AND a 7th movie for $8.95!
So in total... that's 7 movies for a grand total of $21.90!!!

There are no monthly fee's or charges to join, the only thing is that you have to buy 4 movies over the next 2 years (which if you buy your 7th movie for $8.95 it goes towards 1 of the 4 movies, so you really have 3 to buy over the next 2 years). And every month or so you receive a their movie of the month flyer, and if you don't respond they will send the movie to you (which you will have to pay for). So all we are going to do is keep "declining" via phone, Internet or mail, unless we find a couple we want to buy.

Pretty dang good deal!

We received our 7 movies in the mail yesterday. We choose:
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
Monsters Inc.
Oliver & Company
The Sword and the Stone

The final Price was really $21.90 and the shipping was FREE!

There are not only kids movies, but a huge variety of adult movies like, Pirates in the Caribbean, and more!

If anyone is interested, we can refer 1 to friend join at the same price for the movies we did. (other wise the first 5 movies are $1.99 each) and then we get a FREE movie for the referral!!!

So let me know if this is for you!!!!
I'm so glad we joined :)


  1. AWESOME! I have been trying to find good deals on Disney movies ever since Cal was born. I wanna be a part of it!

  2. We became a member of the Disney Movie Club a few months ago and we love it! So many great deals!

  3. Angie, go to this link

    the promotion code # is 14649
    let me know if it works!!

  4. Michael and I might want to do that! Is there a time limit in which we need to act to get that deal? If not it might be a month or so before we have the extra money

  5. Nope i dont think so... Try the link and promo code when your ready and it should still work :)

  6. I was a member when Josh and Brianna were younger. The kids loved getting the movies in the mail.