Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Might as well...

Now that we finally have a fixed laptop AND a working Internet connection (well, most the time anyways)... i thought id might as well continue with our blog.

Alot has happened in the last 6 or so months! so i might as well catch y'all up with the Shorter's.

Lets see, the event that has most stood out over these last few months has definitely been Our Temple Sealing!!
Dust, Jayden and i were (finally) sealed for time and all eternity this last August on our 3rd wedding anniversary. It was the most awesome experience. We had family and friends come to support us, My dad and his wife even flew in from Holland to be there :)
The Salt Lake Temple is so beautiful, and we were so grateful to have finally made it!

                                           Jayden's adorable!

Something else that has been a blessing in disguise was hitting a deer, which totalled our car. After the stress with insurance, and much searching for a new car... we ended up buying both myself AND Dustin cars!
We got a FREAKING SWEET deal!! 2010 Hyundai Sonata (for me) and a '98 Mitsubishi Eclipse for the hubby. We've been a one car family since April when Dust' car was stolen. So its so nice to finally have 2 cars again :)

Jayden is becoming more and more mischievous. He's talking alot more, which i find so much fun just sitting there listening to what he comes up with! I cant believe he'll be 2 in a matter of weeks!!
So I'm trying to plan his birthday party. Not quite sure what we'll be doing yet, but ill think of something :)

Well that's my attempt of blogging for today. Hopefully i can continue with frequent posts... but no promises!

Thanks for reading!!

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